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The author recalls the French arguments against NFU. Bastien Irondelle, Congrès de l’Association française de science politique, Lyon 14-16 Sep. 2005, 21 p.
IDN explains the NFU principle in the light of Obama’s Nuclear Posture Review, and advocates its adoption also by France. IDN, 18 Sep. 2016, 2 p.
The authors attempt to interpret Putin’s statements regarding NFU but conclude that it is still not Russia’s policy. Isabelle Facon and Bruno Tertrais, Note de la FRS, n°21/2018, 5 Nov. 2018
In the podcast, Rachel speaks about NFU as a nuclear risk reduction measure, and also mention different attitudes of non-nuclear states and nuclear-weapon states towards the prohibition of nuclear weapons’ treaty. NFU is discussed from 23:00 min of the podcast (2/3 of the way down the transcript)
The author stresses two significant risk and danger caused by nuclear weapons: the risk of the nuclear race and the risk of employment of nuclear weapons. The author explores several measures to further improve cooperation between five nuclear weapon states and comes to a conclusion that it is more necessary and efficient for five NWS to take constructive action so as to reduce nuclear dangers.
In this essay, Petr Topychkanov examines the expanded roles of nuclear weapons in Asia Pacific in nuclear modernization strategies that emphasize nuclear options to respond to conventional and even cyber-attacks and lowering of the nuclear threshold.