Tuesday July 26, 2022 

NoFirstUse Global campaign update and consultation meeting

A meeting of NoFirstUse Global participating organizations to share ideas and action plans and to help make the campaign even more cooperative and effective.

Meeting sessions:

The meeting will be held in two repeat sessions of 90 minutes with the same program for each session. This will enable participation by representatives from all around the world.

  • Session A: Timed for Asia/Pacific (and early risers in Europe/Africa).
    7am Central Europe Time

    7am Central Europe / 8am Nairobi/ 11am Dhaka / 1pm Beijing / 2pm Tokyo / 3pm Sydney / 5pm Wellington / 7pm Hawaii
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  • Session B: Timed for Americas/Africa/Europe/Middle East.
    11am EST / 5pm CET
    Vancouver 8am / Mexico City 10am / New York 11am / London 4pm / Central Europe 5pm
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The agenda will be the same for both sessions:

  1. Introductions: Each organization to introduce itself and its program activities on no-first-use.
  2. Campaign update: NFU Global coordinating committee will provide an update on the campaign.
  3. Break-out discussions: In small groups, participants will have opportunity to give feedback on the campaign and make suggestions or campaign proposals.
  4. Report back from breakout groups. Key suggestions and feedback followed by general discussion
  5. Announcements and closing comments


The meeting is timed for the week prior to the 10th Review Conference of States Parties to the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT).

NoFirstUse Global has a number of actions/initiatives promoting the adoption of no-first use polices by states parties to the NPT. These include: