Nuclear risks extreme says UN Secretary-General to NPT Review Conference

NoFirstUse Global Open Letter to be presented to the NPT Review Conference today The 10th Review Conference of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) opened on Monday August 1 with a stark warning from UN Secretary-General António Guterres. “From the Middle East and the Korean Peninsula. To Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.The clouds that parted following the […]

De-escalate Russia’s nuclear threats with no-first-use declarations

Statement by NoFirstUse Global* Russia’s threats to potentially use nuclear weapons in the Ukraine conflict should be de-escalated, and nuclear war prevented, through no-first-use declarations by the USA and NATO, plus pressure on Russia to also adopt such a policy and step back from the brink of nuclear war. On February 24th, President Putin issued a […]

Russia, Ukraine and nuclear weapons

Russia, Ukraine and Nuclear Weapons: How to address rising nuclear threats – including through no-first-use annoucements, by Ambassador (ret.) Thomas Graham (USA) and General (ret.) Bernard Norlain (France). On March 7, The Hill, a top US political news-site read by the White House and more US lawmakers than any other site, published an article Russia, […]

US Congress members condemn Russian nuclear threats and call for no-first-use

President Putin’s nuclear threats, including his placing the Russian nuclear forces on high alert, were condemned yesterday (March 2, 2022) by United States Senators Edward Markey and Jeff Merkley along with House Representatives Don Beyer and John Garamendi, who are co-chairs of the Nuclear Weapons and Arms Control Working Group. “We condemn President Putin’s threats […]

Open Letter – Fulfil the NPT – sent to nuclear weapon States

In Open Letter, Prominent Leaders Urge Nations to Adopt Policies to Reduce Nuclear Dangers and Eliminate Nuclear Weapons Prague, Czech Republic – January 24, 2022 An Open Letter, urging nuclear weapons states to adopt no-first-use and other policies to ensure a nuclear war is never fought, was delivered today to leaders of the “nuclear five” […]

NATO parliamentarians support nuclear No-First-Use policies

Parliamentary letter sent to President Biden and Leaders of the US Congress Prague, Monday November 29, 2021 President Biden should give high priority to adopting a policy of no-first-use (or sole purpose) of nuclear weapons in the current U.S. nuclear posture review, and use the occasion of the 10th Nuclear Non-proliferation Treaty Review Conference in […]

Fulfil the NPT: From nuclear threats to human security

Invitation to endorse an international Open Letter to the 10th Non-Proliferation Treaty Review Conference, August 2022. In August, 2022, the States Parties to the Nuclear Non-proliferation Treaty (NPT) will meet in-person at the United Nations in New York for the 10th NPT Review Conference.  This is one of the most important inter-governmental events on nuclear […]